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With abundant technical strength and modern


       HHH-FEC HYDRAULICS CO.LTD is engaging in the investigating and empoldering of the hydraulic products. Its specially designed accumulator brackets and hydraulic parts are supplied and served to the famous OEM overseas. And its updated power station、power unit, gear pump  and cylinder applied new electrical hydraulic technology. That has the characteristics of special layout、compact structure、high integration、perfect performance、low impedance 、low noise and steady data etc.   
     With more than 10 years of experiences of hydraulic components supplying, the products are widely used in machine tools, mine, metallurgy, petroleum chemical and  electrical power industries,  and exported worldwide, such as U.S., Argentina, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand.   
     With abundant  technical strength and modern enterprise managing idea as well as scientific company structure, we would like to go forward together with you.
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